Naguru Nakawa Satellite Town Development

“The Naguru Nakawa Development is a flagship Public Private Partnership project in the heart of Kampala by Opecprime Properties (U) Ltd (OPUL),  a subsidiary of Comer Group - leading European developers.”

The project’s aim is to redevelop the formerly dilapidated Naguru and Nakawa housing estates into an ultramodern satellite town with mixed commercial and residential developments such as apartments, villas, office blocks, hospitals and hotels.

The Naguru Master plan encompasses a largely residential community comprising low to high density housing. The first phase is made up of:

- Comer Apartments – Over 1000 apartments reserved for the Former Sitting Tenants of the Naguru and Nakawa Estates.
- Genesis Townhouses – 11 exclusive townhouses, each sitting on lots of approximately 50x100 ft and available to the general public.
- Prime Villas – 10 luxury villas, each custom built and sitting on 30 decimals, and available to the general public.

OPUL retained Uganda's largest contractor ROKO Construction to construct the Comer Apartments and Genesis Townhouses, and an experienced luxury housing contractor to build the Prime Villas. The contractor team is supported by leading experienced local and international professionals ranging from Dublin – Ireland based Plus Architects, Build Cost Associates as Quantity Surveyors to GEM Engineering as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing consultants. 

The Developer has retained RE/MAX, a world renowned real estate franchise with over 96000 real estate agents in more than 6500 Offices in 100 countries as agents and commercial managers to facilitate marketing, sales and conveyance of units on the development.

Products on the Naguru Nakawa Development


Genesis Townhouses

The Genesis Townhouses are an exclusive community of 13 townhouses being developed as part of the first phase of the Nakawa Naguru Satellite City Development. The 11 units feature a common exterior style and two standard options for built up area – 200 and 215 Square Meters. The Units sit on approximately 0.15 acres each, with facilities for car parking, a garden with water feature and several other modern features. You can learn more here.

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