Valuation Solutions

"RE/MAX Uganda valuation advisory solutions are designed to inform and illustrate to property owners the inherent value in their real estate assets." - Head of Valuation

RE/MAX has team of Valuation Surveyors housed under our Regional Services Division. Our Valuation advisors have a wide range of skills and experience in the local market, and work with international best practice to deliver reliable advice.

Our Valuation advisors are equipped to handle residential and commercial real estate such as condominiums, stand alone single family homes, vacant land, office complexes, retail and mixed use developments, satellite city projects, plant and machinery, industrial property, hotels/ hospitality properties, and so on.

Our Valuation Solutions can help in:

  • Valuation for mortgage
  • Pricing
  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Insurance
  • Accounting and asset management

Working in collaboration with our Land Survey, Agency, Facilities Management and Advisory practices, our Valuation team is able to offer additional specialist advice for a range of scenarios.

Our Valuation team is regulated by the Surveyor’s Registration Board and the Institution of Surveyors Uganda.

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